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Regal Investments is a modern investment firm focused on results. By implementing novel strategies, we have consistently been a leader in our industry. In addition to investment management, Regal Investments offers educational tools and resources to aspiring investors. 
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Regal investments is bringing the financial industry up to speed. It's time that our returns on investment catch up with the times.




Every trading day, hundreds or thousands of stocks and derivatives are thoroughly researched by our traders and software.
Keeping money safe is just as important to us as making money is. We employ a wide array of security measures to deter against cyber threats.
We are committed to staying committed; every penny that enters the firm is treated with the utmost care and consideration.

The Regal Way

2018 In Summary


Return On Investment

Wealth Created

Regal Investments’ all encompassing and comprehensive approach to investing gives clients an unparalleled investing experience. Staying true to our transparency values, clients have access to every trade Regal Investments makes in their client portal along with a detailed description of the trade.

Additionally in their client portal, clients have access to a  plethora of tools and learnings materials at their disposal. The goal is to turn our clients into intelligent investors.
Regal Investments’ trading strategies primarily involve swing trading stocks and day trading options contracts. When swing trading, trader’s uses the momentum of a stock to predict its short to mid term performance. This strategy coupled with day trading options increases profits while increasing the accuracy of the short to mid term predictions.
An options contract derives its value from a stock. The price of an options contract moves in conjunction with the stock. If a stock gains 2% in value, some of its options contracts can gain 20%+ in value. Options contracts involve more risk than stocks, however; an options contract can become worthless. Competent trading strategies are required to trade options.



Our substantial investment in investment analyzing technologies outside of the market set us a part from our competitors. Regal investments utilizes strategies that range from monitoring trends in social media to implementing face tracking technologies to make predictions about a company’s performance.


There is better, and you deserve it.

At Regal Investments, we don’t strive to be the best, we strive to be better. Being the best is being comfortable. We live for challenge. We challenge ourselves, we challenge society, and we challenge industries to do the impossible. The first step in doing is believing. Regal Investments is a firm built on belief - the belief that there is better and we deserve it.


The combination of artifcial intelligence and expert traders is a force to be reckoned with. Simply put, our trade strategies are smarter than all of our competitors. The amount of technology invested into our strategies matched with an innovative company culture puts Regal Investments at an advantage.


Why wait 5 years for returns you can earn in 3 months? By implementing intense trading strategies, Regal Investments maintains the fastest return on investment in the industry. In a world where everything is getting faster thanks to technology, there is no excuse why returns on investment haven't.

Trading Classes

Become a trader

Regal Investments offers a comprehensive course on trading that is designed to equip students with necessary and practical knowledge on trading. The course covers the basics of trading, simple and advanced trading strategies, market analysis, stock price prediction, advice on successfully opening a trading accounts, how to optimize taxes paid on investment income, and more. Openings are limited and enrolment is available on a rolling basis.
Conquer Major Markets

From Oceania to Asia to South America, the hunt for the
future Facebooks, Googles and GMs of the world is on.



n U.S. markets, Regal Investments’ focus is in emerging technologies. Regal’s specialty is in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. These industries are the best for swing trading. The Southern American market is dominated by Brazil. Though still in a recession and mired in political corruption, in 2017 Brazil has had a number of rising stars, particularly in the commodities sectors.
In Asia, the potential is endless. Chinese tech giants Ali Baba and Tencent have dominated their exchanges for years, and are expected to continue doing so. In 2017, Japan’s Nikkei 225 experienced tremendous growth stemming from lax monetary policies and an improving global market. Further west in India, realty has rocketed to become the top sector in the market.



Regal Investments’ focus in European markets is in the aeronautics, automotive, services, and software industries. These sectors maintain steady growth and consistent gains. Euronext N.V. has proved to be a reliable index with historically steady and consistent growth.
In the United Kingdom, the FTSE 100 reached record heights in 2017. This surge was led by homebuilder Persimmon and followed by Worldpay Group, a payment service company. Also, strong commodity prices helped give mining stocks a boost in their performance.