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Regal Investments is a modern investment firm focused on results. By implementing novel strategies, we have consistently been a leader in our industry. In addition to investment management, Regal Investments offers educational tools and resources to aspiring investors. 
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Duration: April, 2019 - JuLY, 2019 
D3 Investments utilize high-risk, high-reward strategies in order to grow smaller amounts of capital into sizeable investments for D1 and D2 investments. Please complete the form below to make an inquiry into a D3 Investment plan.

How Options Work

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Unlike a stock, options can regularly return hundreds of percent. Options double, triple, or more all the time. They are much riskier than stocks, however. An option has an expiry date, afterwhich it loses all of it's value.

The number of options are limited, in comparison to stocks the volumes are low. Therefore by trading options, a trader can double or triple a few thousand, but can't double or triple tens or hudnreds of thousands.

Minimum: $1,000

Maximum: $5,000